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The Importance of an Authentic Logo Design

If you want your logo to appear on enormous billboards, for example, you may create more intricate, larger-scale designs. If it is going to be in the edge of a mobile app, minimalism and lower scales are the way to go.

Types of Logo design

Wordmark Logo

Wordmark logo design is all about keeping it simple. The type-only look is a popular (and timeless) choice across industries, especially tech, media, fashion, and food.
It is a type of logo design that includes only the company name — no symbols, mascots, or badges. Wordmark logos are also called “logotypes,” and can include monogram variations for smaller spaces like social media profiles and favicons. Because of the simplicity of these logos, typography and spacing are extra important.

Lettermark Logo

If your company's name is long, you should think about utilizing a lettermark. Lettermark always are readable and understandable, even when scaled down on a smartphone or a company logo, because they are frequently made up of a small number of characters. It's always good when the monogram also spells out a useful term!

Symbolic or
Pictorial Logo

Wireframes & Prototype
A pictorial mark is a visual logo or icon. I. Each of these firms' logos is so iconic, and each brand is so well-known, that just seeing the symbol is enough to recognize it. A real brand mark is nothing more than a picture. As a result, it might be a difficult emblem to employ for new businesses or those with little brand awareness.

The Combination

Design Process
The combination mark, perhaps the best option, combines the lucidity of typeface with the aesthetic value of a symbol. A good pictorial mark may strengthen or add value to a mediocre wordmark, while a good brand name can clarify what could otherwise be a muddled or useless brandmark. As a result, combination marks are excellent for both new and existing companies.


Our team of experts focus on client and customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal for our projects. This is one of the many reasons why our work is globally acclaimed and recognized.


Our experts are able to develop a brand for your business that's impossible to ignore. Find the audience you would like. Deliver the message you develop.

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Clients Say



United States

Good services

Alright, so they were found good enough to complete my basic website design project in the due time. No complaints. I will hire them again without hesitation.


kenneth J

United States

I was fortunate to find Designs Revolution for…

I was fortunate to find Designs Revolution for my website design and development, I was working with Bill who was very patient with, he helped me through the whole process and most off all made me understand everything. Bill and his team are very professional in their work they know what they are doing and come up with great ideas to make the site look good. I will definitely work with team Designs Revolution in the future whenever I have website related work. I recommend Designs Revolution to everyone because they are worth it



United States

Designs Revolution have provided my company with stellar service from every angle.

Designs Revolution have provided my company with stellar service from every angle. They are always accessible and works very fast to produce results that we love. The end result is a website that adds to the value of our business. Did i mention how cost efficient Designs Revolution is as well? I would like to thank and recommend this professional firm.


Roger Edrich

United States

Recommended, Professional Services, Affordable!!

I have been looking for a new company to do the website development I need. I sent a small site to Designs Revolution - their quote was very reasonable, so I gave the 'go-ahead'... and within a relatively short time, I had a nice mockup, and shortly after than a secondary pages mockup, and then they made the site. It looked and worked perfectly!
We approved the newly completed site, and Designs Revolution installed the new site on my server after zipping up and saving the old site for us. They made the change over a 'hands-off' experience for me!
As is typical, my client (who we had the website made for) wanted changes. They almost always want changes after the site is done because they have new ideas after seeing their creation come to life. So I sent the requests along and Designs Revolution happily made the changes for me. They also helped figure out a couple of little glitches, caused by my client, with speed, and without complaint.
I just gave them the go-ahead to start on the 3 new sites for me, and I have 2 more in the works to send their way as soon as I get the approvals from my new clients.

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