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Why Animation

Animation is an important component of visual arts; this art has been vital in product branding these days. Keeping the importance of animation in branding, Design Revolution brings a vast option of animations for our client. Considering your brand image and goodwill, we will prepare an amazing 2D, 3D animated solutions for you. From the storyboarding to visuals arts, we have an experienced backup that make sure the quality and correct design is up to mark.

Colors are important branding aspects that should not be ignored. Incorporating your company's colors and style into your goods, website, conversion tracking, and social media sites can assist to improve your brand reputation; using them in a video will have a bigger impact. Interactive video films' engaging power aids in the definition of your brand image and identification with your target market.

Our Video Animation Process

Briefing & Scripting

After the complete brief from you about brand image, our team will prepare a script for your brand animation and further it will transform into a storyboard by our sketch artists. The first step in constructing a trusted brand identity with an explainer film really is to know the customers and then use that knowledge to create a buyer personal. Learn everything you can about your target audience. Then, based on your findings, construct a fictitious character that represents a typical member of your target demographic.

Style Frames & Treatment

Framing and visualization is an important aspect to visual branding, in animations, frames are a crucial notion. A frame holds the picture that will be shown at a certain point in the animation. An animation is made up of a series of discrete frames. Animated objects are stored in layers.
We will make sure that, your brand animations treatment would go on the track and create a better result, for that our talented frame artist workday and night to create a upgraded animation that lie up to modern standards.

Voice Over & Animation

Wireframes & Prototype
Voice over in animation is an important aspect to the art, for this we make sure that the perfect voice would be made for your brand integration, a voice which represent your brand in a true manner. VO recording is a crucial aspect of animation. The vocal delivery will impact the animation in various ways, including timing and concentration. If the VO mentions a specific item or operation, that item or system must be presented explicitly at that moment.

Audio Mix & Sign Off

Design Process
After the Vo of animation, we usually go to the next step of sound engineering, our talented sound engineers create sound for your video upon the necessary recommendation. Diegetic and Non-diegetic sound made for your brand animation, every necessary step would be taken to create an impactful sound for your video, our Foley Artist also work on the sound affects that look like a animation film, rather a simple brand animation.


Our team of experts focus on client and customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal for our projects. This is one of the many reasons why our work is globally acclaimed and recognized.


Our experts are able to develop a brand for your business that's impossible to ignore. Find the audience you would like. Deliver the message you develop.

Make your brand stand out.

Clients Say



United States

Good services

Alright, so they were found good enough to complete my basic website design project in the due time. No complaints. I will hire them again without hesitation.


kenneth J

United States

I was fortunate to find Designs Revolution for…

I was fortunate to find Designs Revolution for my website design and development, I was working with Bill who was very patient with, he helped me through the whole process and most off all made me understand everything. Bill and his team are very professional in their work they know what they are doing and come up with great ideas to make the site look good. I will definitely work with team Designs Revolution in the future whenever I have website related work. I recommend Designs Revolution to everyone because they are worth it



United States

Designs Revolution have provided my company with stellar service from every angle.

Designs Revolution have provided my company with stellar service from every angle. They are always accessible and works very fast to produce results that we love. The end result is a website that adds to the value of our business. Did i mention how cost efficient Designs Revolution is as well? I would like to thank and recommend this professional firm.


Roger Edrich

United States

Recommended, Professional Services, Affordable!!

I have been looking for a new company to do the website development I need. I sent a small site to Designs Revolution - their quote was very reasonable, so I gave the 'go-ahead'... and within a relatively short time, I had a nice mockup, and shortly after than a secondary pages mockup, and then they made the site. It looked and worked perfectly!
We approved the newly completed site, and Designs Revolution installed the new site on my server after zipping up and saving the old site for us. They made the change over a 'hands-off' experience for me!
As is typical, my client (who we had the website made for) wanted changes. They almost always want changes after the site is done because they have new ideas after seeing their creation come to life. So I sent the requests along and Designs Revolution happily made the changes for me. They also helped figure out a couple of little glitches, caused by my client, with speed, and without complaint.
I just gave them the go-ahead to start on the 3 new sites for me, and I have 2 more in the works to send their way as soon as I get the approvals from my new clients.

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